steps to writing an essay

What Are the Steps to Writing an Essay?

Your teacher has assigned you an essay and you are intimidated by the essay and are too frightened to even start it. You are so worried that how are you going to write your essay that you have been searching on the internet for tips to write an impressive essay. Do not worry, you are doing the right thing. You have gathered the strength to write the essay and just need some guidance.

We are here to provide you with some guidelines which are going to help you in writing the best essay.

Determine the Topic of the Essay:

Has the topic been already assigned to you or you can select the topic by yourself? Whatever the situation is, do proper research about the topic. Search about it and gather all of the related information to the essay. Searching about the topic is going to open your mind and you are going to find useful information about the topic.

Choose the Writing Style of the Essay:

Decide in what style you are going to be writing an essay. Some common styles include narrative, expository, argumentative, persuasive, comparative, and literary.

Build and Essay Outline:

Once you have gathered information and have command over the topic start making points and organizing your thoughts and ideas. Write about the points and the topics you are going to discuss and argue.

Come Up With a Thesis Statement:

A thesis statement is basically going to represent the main idea of the essay. It is going to let the reader that what the essay is about. It is the introduction of the essay and is going to introduce the topic and the reader is going to know through your thesis statement what questions are going to be answered in the writing of an essay.

Introduction of the topic:

In the introductory essay, you are going to set the tone of the essay and it is going to give the direction to the essay. The introduction is going to give clarity to the reader. The introduction has to be strong as it is going to grab the attention of the reader towards the topic.

Write Down the Body of the Essay:

Discuss in detail the points you have mentioned in the introductory paragraph. Each point has to be summarized in a different body paragraph. The starting of the body paragraph is going to include the topic sentence which is the introduction of the topic you are going to discuss in that body paragraph. After the topic sentence states the details related to that point and provides evidence and arguments related to that topic.

Conclude the Essay:

The conclusion is going to summarize the whole writing of an essay and it is going to include your main idea and all the topics discussed briefly. Give your opinion about the main idea and the whole research you have done. The ending sentence should have the main idea written in a clear and compelling way.

Proofread Your Essay:

Once you are done with your assignment make sure to check all of the little details like punctuation, spelling mistakes, grammar, font, font size, and format of the essay. Make sure that the whole essay is structured and answers the questions.

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