Is artificial intelligence the future of Education

Is Artificial Intelligence the Future of Education?

The world is evolving with every passing day and man is making new inventions. Humans are creating and coming up with creative ideas that have shaped their own lives and their lifestyle is improving day by day. Technology is one of the most highlighting achievements in the history of the world that has completely changed the way of living of everyone. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of many upgrades in technology. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability of computers controlled by robots or digital computers to perform tasks that can be done by intelligent beings that is humans. Digital computers can provide proof of mathematical calculations; they have speed, memory, and knowledge. With the upgrade of AI, computers are also used for medical diagnosis, voice or hand recognition, search engines, etc.

Covid`19, Lockdown, and Technology:

Along with the use of AI and digital computers in almost every aspect of life, AI and digital computers are also used in education. The use of technology was increased especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. The world had to run and life had to continue. People continued to live their lives completely depending upon technology during the lockdown. Just like everything else, education was also dependent upon technology and the classes were being conducted through online platforms.

Everyone has witnessed major development in the field of AI in the recent past. Globally, major investment has also been made in education to make the industry familiar with AI.

The promotion of AI in the present is going to make the future of education completely different. We are going to discuss the changes in the education industry due to artificial intelligence.

Smart Schools:

Everything is going to be monitored through computers in these schools. The alarms, maintenances, and lighting will be controlled by computer systems. The performances and attendance of the students are also going to be monitored through computer systems. In smart classrooms, the invigilation is going to be done by computer robots. The computer system is going to take attendance and determine whether a student is cheating or not through facial recognition technology.

Tuitions by Artificial Intelligence:

The number of students is increasing every day, institutions are opening their various branches to lessen the burden of the teachers, and the institute’s AI Tutors are going to become a big relief. The tutors will be explaining to the student everything; they would be helping them with their assignments and would give them feedback on their work.

Collaborative Learning:

AI is going to group together students with similar interests, personalities, and strengths. This is going to make it easier for the students to do group projects without any conflicts.

Prediction of Future Performance:

By calculating the previous and current performance of the students, AI is going to predict how the student is going to perform in the future, and how the student can succeed and overcome their weaknesses to perform better.

Decreasing Grading Biasness:

The AI systems are going to grade the exams and assignments of the students. This system is going to make sure that the teachers are not favouring any students and everyone is going to be marked fairly.

In the future, AI is going to take over all of the educational systems. Currently, AI is being used in some schools for invigilation and for grading. However, the system is still very new and is not being used commonly throughout the world.

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These services have made life easier for both teachers and students, as they are now able to perform their tasks easily and deliver the best.

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