Father’s Day

Essay On Father’s Day

In every household, fathers are inspirational figures for the children. The children look towards them as role models in their growing age. A father is the first superhero of any child. He works tirelessly for a bright future for his family. A father makes sure that he is providing his family with every facility. He educates his children and supports them throughout the difficult hurdles of life. To appreciate the efforts a father makes for his family and pay him respect, Father’s Day is celebrated every year. On this day, the children try to show their father how thankful they are for all the efforts and hard work.

The first person a child remembers when he is in any difficult situation is a father. This act shows the importance of a father in the lives of children.

Every year the 3rd Sunday of June is celebrated as Father’s Day.

The Value of Father in Family:

The development and progress of the family depend upon the father. A father is the head of the family. The father teaches his children how to be strong and face difficult situations. A father builds courage and boldness among the children. On the other hand, a mother is gentle towards their children. Both parents play a special role in their lives. These different roles of the parents mould the children and shape their future.

Father is A Source of Inspiration:

From day one the children are inspired by their fathers. The children are influenced by the personality and attitude of the father. The environment of the house greatly depends upon the role and attitude of the father.

Father’s Tough Love:

A father is usually strict and has rules and regulations for the children. However, these rules and regulations are for the betterment of the children. These rules shape the behaviour of the children and bring manners to them.  This strictness is only for the betterment of the children. There is love and care hidden behind this strict attitude.

Father is A Friend of their Children:

Although a father is tough and strict he does all this as he wants to prepare the children for future hurdles. He is the best friend of his children as he takes care of them, and supports them in hard times. A father takes care of the wishes of his children and fulfils them. Just like a friend, a father keeps the secret of his children and tries to solve all of their problems without letting anyone know.

The value of a father can never be measured at any scale. It is one of the most precious things in the lives of children. A father protects his children and builds a strong future for them. The children can never be able to pay this debt.

Children can make their parents happy by making them proud and accomplishing big goals. Fulfilling the wishes of their parents can be one of the ways to pay the debt.

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