Top 5 Online Applications for Students To Increase the Writing Skills

Any language barrier, however, may be readily overcome with a little help. Writing is challenging, especially in English. Here are some resources to help you improve your writing abilities. The applications have attempted to make writing enjoyable and engaging.

It’s quite OK to seek help. Writing may be tough in any language. After all, you’ll be expressing your creativity as well as employing a range of key language skills. Many non-native English speakers are afraid to write in English because they fear it would suffocate their originality.

A language barrier is a fictitious barrier that hinders you from using and comprehending your new language properly. 

The key goal is for them to be able to express themselves creatively. You won’t become an expert in a day or a week, but you will see progress as you continue to use the applications. We’ll look through five popular writing applications in this post…

5 Online Applications Make Better Writing Skills.

Online Applications for Students

The best applications to use are…

  • Grammarly
  • Dictionary in reverse
  • Google Docs
  • Dictionary in reverse
  • BBC Learning English



Although you may use Grammarly for free, you will not have access to all of the features. If you purchase a Grammarly premium account, you will have access to all of the features, which are quite handy. The free version is still extremely useful, but the premium version will take you to the next level.

Dictionary in Reverse.

Dictionary in Reverse

Have you ever had the right word on the tip of your tongue but couldn’t quite remember it? Reverse Dictionary is now your best friend. In the search area, type a statement or description that describes the term you’re looking for, and the Reverse Dictionary will provide a list of possible matches. It’s also a great method for non-native speakers to broaden their lexicon by looking for synonyms. There’s also a Spanish version!

Google Docs.

Google Docs

You may check up a term’s definition, synonyms, and even the pronunciation of a phrase or sentence using Google Docs. You may either type into the web programmed directly or copy and paste text from your word processor. You may even translate a whole page or website using your browser.



You’ll need a lot of synonyms, or words that have the same meaning if you want to improve your writing abilities. For example, “great” is synonymous with the terms “wonderful,” “amazing,” and “awesome.” You’ll need to employ synonyms if you want to write like a natural speaker. You’ll need to know a lot of different words. If you repeat a word 100 times in a single piece of writing, your readers will grow bored. They’ll also presume you’re not very well-versed in English. If you see you’re repeating terms a lot, you’ll need a good tool to find more options.

BBC Learning English.

BBC Learning English video

The second piece of advice we have for you is to make it a habit to watch BBC Learning English video presentations every day. Non-English speakers can discover films on topics like vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and study strategies on the BBC’s YouTube page. Because the films are amusing, plain, and easy to understand, you won’t have to force yourself to watch them every day—you’ll want to watch them because learning is always enjoyable.

Some Common Mistakes.

Some Common Mistakes

The majority of the time, students receive poor grades as a result of minor writing errors; nevertheless, tools can also make mistakes. As a result, don’t rely on tools. Most of the students even don’t have knowledge about these online applications. Therefore, they always try to seek help from some writing services like essay writing service in USA based. Here are some common faults that students make when writing and how to fix them.

Fragment of a Sentence.

Fragment of a Sentence


A classic fragment error occurs when a writer believes a dependent component of a sentence (dependent phrase) is a whole sentence. In which pupils frequently fail to define the subject or verb.



  • The term “sentence fragment” refers to the conclusion of a sentence.
  • Don’t leave any subject or verb out of a sentence.

Spelling Mistakes and Use of Extra Words.

Spelling Mistakes

Many spelling mistakes arise when incorrect homophones (words that sound the same, such as “right,” “rite,” and “writing”) are used in a sentence. If a statement has more words than are necessary to convey meaning, it is considered wordy. It might be tough to grasp what you’re writing if you use too many words in a sentence.



  • Use tools to check spelling and grammar
  • Proofread after you’ve finished
  • Use relevant phrases and make your writing clear and succinct



Writing in English is challenging for individuals who do not speak the language natively. It’s tough to communicate verbally as well as in writing. As a result, most students look for materials to assist them in completing their projects. They assist pupils in completing their essay writing tasks. In this post, you will learn how students may improve their writing abilities as well as the most common mistakes students make when writing and how to write them.

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